Arts Critics on Small Friendly Isle

Today i just want to share a piece my sister wrote recently. She’s a graduate of drama and theatre studies and among other things, writes about theatre and performance on her blog.

irish theatre blog Jessica Carri

I think she brings up some really important points about critiquing anything in the arts when you also have or wish to have another different or active involved role within them. Have a read anyway and see what you think.

Link to ‘Err on the Side of Critique’ by Jessica Carri.

Monday Morning Fashion Meets Festival Daydreaming

So on my adventures through Asian, Indian and Vintage online stores to see what they’ve got that our high street stores haven’t, i found some deadly stuff. Bought some and the rest i’m just gonna pop on here in case someone else can get the joy outta them. I will never claim to know anything about fashion, but stuff that makes me go “oooohh”, is possibly worth sharing. Go get yo-self some bargain on. And have a good week. Links to the products are below the image.


Amazing Blazer -$35

Amazing Turquoise Blazer

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Things To Do in Ireland: Day Trip to Kilkenny

Things to do Ireland, Day Trip to Kilkenny

Kilkenny is one of Ireland’s oldest cities and thus settled comfortable home to culture, history and a great arts scene. It is definitely more a crafts arts scene than a contemporary arts scene but it has it’s moments for that too, especially at the Kikenny Arts Festival which runs every August and is well worth checking out. (Bring / borrow / rent a car if you’re going to this as there’s usually stuff all over Kilkenny county as well as in the town centre and it can be a great adventure.)

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CST Session with Mags at The Elbow Room, Smithfield

Recently i had my first CST session. I had heard and read about it before through the magazine i work for but had never tried it and didn’t even know anyone who had, i don’t think. 

CST therapist

CST stands for Craniosacral Therapy and according to Wikipedia, “Is a form of bodywork or alternative therapy focused primarily on the concept of “primary respiration” and regulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by using therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium….To do this, a practitioner will apply light touches to a patient’s skull, face, spine and pelvis.”

Even having read that, i didn’t full understand, so before my session, i looked it up on youtube to see if a video of the practice would give me a better idea. It simply looked like what wikipedia had described, “light touch” therapy.

Mags Fitzgerald, who is a homeopath as well as practicing CST, greeted me warmly on arrival and i was offered tea by the staff at the desk. Mags explained the therapy to me briefly when i went in and checked if there was anything in particular i’d like it for. I explained that one of my ears was blocked and that it would be great if it helped that a little, i get sinus problems from time to time and assume it’s related to that.

Mags said she was drawn to the cheekbone area to do work, which made sense to me considering the sinus issue also. I didn’t expect to feel anything except her finger tips and was amazed and surprised by the intense tingling! While all Mags seemed to be doing was touching specific points with light pressure, the side of my face with the ear problem felt really strange. It was slightly uncomfortable because it was a new sensation but only uncomfortable in that way that something feels like it’s ‘clearing’ and certainly not painful.

Mags also carried out some work on my neck and other parts of my head and ended my session with showing me the parts of the skull i could try to focus on with some tips for how to relieve these areas myself. I always appreciate when someone gives you some take-home tips.

My ear didn’t clear straight away or even the next day like i hoped it might. But when it did clear, i honest to goodness felt i had hearing like i never had before. It was very odd, as if i had almost never even heard my own voice like i could hear it now. This resulted in talking to a lot of people about it and relishing singing in my car more than ever, “So THIS is what i sound like!” was all i could think. I did not discover that i had the most amazing singing voice in the world but i do believe something from that session had an impact. It was too tingly not to have.

To check if Mags can help you with anything through CST, you can contact her through the elbow room.


Instagram For Android – Thankin’ You

instagram for android photobooth

Follow me so that i can follow you :) you’ll find me as ‘elvacarri’ and i’m very much looking forward to seeing your pictures!

You can get it here

I also like Vignette as a photo tool for android if you don’t feel like getting all social media about it.

Bon phototaking.

x elva

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Badger & Dodo – Loyalty Coffee

Badger & Dodo Coffee Roasters & Barista Training - image of take away coffee cup with Badger and Dodo Logo

My sister came home laughing but very disappointed last week after attempting to order a flat white somewhere.

“A flat white….?”, was the response to her order, wondering what it was that she wanted flat and white. A table? A plate? She didn’t order a coffee here, knowing that if they didn’t even know what it was, there was no way they were going to get it right.

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Sequin Stalking & Vintage Fashion Ireland

shutterbug style at set, kilkenny, langtons, sequin top

Facebook opened up a world of stalking possibilities since the very beginning. And let’s be honest it was fun until that night you realised it was 3am and you were looking through a whole album of photos of some girl you’ve never met before, wondering where the hell she got that amazing dress.

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