Best Places To Eat in Dublin – La Dolce Vita

Best Places To Eat Dublin - La Dolce Vita, Restaurant and Wine Bar

The Queen of Tarts in Dublin, which has two locations, has become famous for their good food, amazing cakes, beautiful atmosphere and sweet atmosphere. But next door the the Cow’s Lane Queen of Tarts is an inconspicuous looking restaurant called La Dolce Vita. There is nothing striking about it’s exterior next to the bright red busy-ness of Queen of Tarts, but as soon as you walk in the door it smells like great Italian cheese and home and it’s laid back, the staff are chilled out in a way that makes you feel totally at home there and you will wonder how you weren’t always here.

I haven’t eaten there often but when i have it’s been really honest food. Food that has been stripped back of any pretentiousness or fuss, leaving only the raw flavours the food was born with and complimented subtly by whatever extra little elements they have decided to add. I’ve eaten their lentil soup, their hot chestnut soup, the cannellini bean salad, caprese salad…bruschetta and…something with ham that i can’t remember now.

But it was all great. I was also delighted to discover they serve Aubergine or Eggplant Paramagiana, a dish often made with chicken but best made with aubergine and not found in Ireland too often.

They also show latin american films on tuesday nights – or at least they used to. Their facebook page is fun and helpful if you want to ‘like’ them and keep an eye out for goings ons and competitions or ask them any questions. Their website is here if you want directions or more information.

The images are some of the coffee cup lids i’ve had leaving there at lunch times or Saturdays. Sometimes they’ll give you one, sometimes you get to pick out your own. Unplanned, tasty pricelessness in it’s entirety – go there.

Best Places To Eat Dublin - La Dolce Vita, Restaurant and Wine Bar

Best Places To Eat Dublin - La Dolce Vita, Restaurant and Wine Bar