Monday Morning Fashion Meets Festival Daydreaming

So on my adventures through Asian, Indian and Vintage online stores to see what they’ve got that our high street stores haven’t, i found some deadly stuff. Bought some and the rest i’m just gonna pop on here in case someone else can get the joy outta them. I will never claim to know anything about fashion, but stuff that makes me go “oooohh”, is possibly worth sharing. Go get yo-self some bargain on. And have a good week. Links to the products are below the image.


Amazing Blazer -$35

Amazing Turquoise Blazer

Very Cute Black Blazer – £14.58 (approx price)

Very Cute Black Blazer

Not so much a bargain but beautiful VIntage Belted Floral Maxi Dress – $97.50

Vintage Belted Floral Maxi Dress

Beautiful Handmade Irish Lace Cardigan – $22

Handmade Irish Lace Cardigan

Mad Indian Dress Thing – €48.82

Mad Indian Dress Thing - Red–and–kurta/captivating-chiffon-kurti–kka12959-p27759.html#!prettyPhoto

Summer Festival Bags Mayhaps? – €4.65 and €4.99

summer-festival-bags-2012Summer Festival Bags 2012

summer festival bags 2012!prettyPhoto

Festival Bra / Revealing Top Undergarment Type Thing? – €5.67

Best Bra/Top Ever