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Best blog list - everywhereist

Big and small types of traveling. Honest and great and aesthetically I like it. And she uses words good. Man I love people that use words good.


Ace Jet 170 – Type

Best blogs list Ace Jet 170

Well, this one, just a beaut. ‘Found type, print and stuff’. If you’ve spent too long on tinternet and forgot what real things looked like, thus guy’s blog will make sure you’re eyes re-open to all the wonderful printy things around. The nice brown colour of it and the types of images he posts kinda make you feel like your sitting in very great sitting room with just the right amount of wood, just the right amount of great pieces of stuff and just the right amount of mess to be comfortable and happy. Mmmm. Always a nice one to visit.


David Maybury’s Blog

Best Blogs List David Maybury

This focuses on children’s books. I’m not a great reader of big long novels so kids books still appeal to me in a big way. They’re short so they have to fit all the good stuff in concisely. Concentrated wonderful, like a shot of art and literature. This guy will help you get your fix of it.


Noisy Shoes

Best Blogs List Noisy Shoes

Jane is a textile designer and fashion enthusiast amongst other things. Some of the stuff she posts about is direct from her own life, other bits are wonderful things she’s found wandering the internet gazing at pretty things. Both types are equally wonderful and provide what I think is a nice balance between the ‘real’ and the ‘digital’ lives we lead :)  Her textile design background comes across in the detailed, ornate, textured or just incredibly unusual things she shares.


Color Me Katie

Best Blogs List COlor Me Katie

This girl is like…ultimate cheesey sweetness in some ways. But if you let your sceptical barriers down for a moment and open up, it’s pretty fun. It’s like Science of Sleep meets children’s tv meets art meets a massive bag of pic n mix sweets.



Best Blogs List Inspire

‘We love web design’. You will too after a little while on here.


Laughing Lion

Best Blogs List Laughing Lion

Illustrator, mostly for kids books, beautiful stuff. Shares things she’s worked on, tips and tutorials and offers training. So if you get really swept away in wishing you could draw cats like these, you have the option to sign up. Pretty. Nifty.


Amateur Couture

Best Blogs List Amateur Couture

What bad timing. Amateur Couture has just decided to take a break from blogging. He ‘I love fashion and fashion loves art’ tagline kind of says it all. The stuff she shares is limitless in concept, theme and depth but always the very highest level of whatever it is. The crème de la crème of beautiful images, fashion, art and everything in between or stemming from one or the other.

If you love pictures that you can nearly taste they’re so delightful, this one’s for you. Even though she might be taking a break, there is plenty there to go through and should keep you going for a while anyway.


Ministry of Type

Best Blogs List Ministry of Type

Not posting that much stuff but worth a look even just to check out the music typewriter. Wha?! Yeah. Seriously. One of the most amazing looking beautiful objects I ever laid eyes on.


Book Cover Archive

Best Blogs List Book Cover Archive

The best thing about books is the covers. Everyone knows that. Especially these guys.


For the Love of Type

Best Blogs List For the Love of Type

Sexy letters.

(Not in the “To Whom it may concern, what are you wearing?’ way. )


Catalog Living

Best Blogs List Catalog Living

There are two ways to look at this blog. And your response / judging of it / reasons you like it will probably give you some kind of deep insight into the kind of person you are. I shall not advise how long you should spend on it, what in particular is great about it or why I’ve put it on my list. Enjoy le surprise.


Smitten Kitchen

Best Blogs List Smitten Kitchen

If for any reason you ever lose your appetite, (God forbid), this will get it back for you. [Stomach
rumbling looking at it]


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