Being a Baha’i

Today I’m going to watch a video in my house, with some friends (hopefully) that looks at community development projects Baha’is are involved in all over the world. These programmes take the form of devotional gatherings where wise sacred writings are shared, classes for children, groups for youth and study groups for people of all ages. 

Each focuses on spiritual concepts that affect ourselves and the world around us. I am often nervous to say I’m religious or share my beliefs, because organised religion has a bad public image today. I’m a Baha’i because I see it as the purest and most productive way of bettering, or learning to better our world for everyone’s sake. It is spiritual, personal and individual, because the goodness of our character comes from that ‘inner’ place, however we choose to view it. But it is also world-encompassing, because each little positive action, from whatever place in you it comes from, is significant and vitally important.

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