Butternut Squash Soup with Rosemary

I have no enticing picture because a. I am not neat or precise when it comes to chopping or arranging ingredients and b. I ate it too fast to take a pic after.

Approx instructions for this amazing soup are as follows…

1. Find a way to chop butternut squash.

2. Rest for a while as you will likely hate butternut squash by now and may not even have all your fingers in tact anymore.

3. When you’re over it, go back and cook the squash. Fry it, boil it, roast it, whatever it takes to make that hardass vegetable blendable.

4. Add in stock.

5. Add in some butter. Pretend to be French.

6. Add in some fresh rosemary, pretend to be Jamie Oliver.

7. Blend in a blender, pretend to be evil.

8. Season with a shedload of salt.

9. Eat with half a pack of O’Donnells crisps.

I never said it was healthy but it was tasty as feck.