how to: make a bicycle coffee cup-holder

Cycling to work in Dublin is great. The only tough thing about getting to work by bike, is that, unlike buses or trams or walking, it never really allowed one to drink coffee on the way. I’m happy to say i managed to sort this out.

how to make a bicycle coffee cup-holder

NB. Step 1: The coffee cup-holder should not be stuck to a woman’s fallopian tubes, that is the front view of bicycle handlebars.

6 thoughts on “how to: make a bicycle coffee cup-holder”

  1. I loved the clarification for Step 1, I didn’t see woman’s fallopian tubes until I read that. But glad you did it. Nice post!

    1. that sounds great – can you drink out of it while cycling? i shall have to look them up for the colder months. thanks cyclist!

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