Baha’i and Persian New Year and Barack Obama’s Naw-Ruz Message

“…To the people of Iran, this holiday comes at a time of continued tension between our two countries. But as people gather with their families, do good deeds and welcome a new season we are also reminded of the common humanity that we share.”

Barack Obama Nowruz message 2012


21st of March is a special day for the Carri family, it’s spring equinox (that may have actually been yesterday) and it’s the start of the Baha’i and Persian New Year. It’s also when we get some presents for each other and have a nice day out that generally involves a lot of cake.

Nearly every year we go to Powerscourt house and gardens in Enniskerry, as it also means we can visit the grave of the first Irish Baha’i, George Townshend. We say prayers there. Then we go eat lots and look at pretty flowers and things. And have good chats with old friends and family.

But here is Barack Obama’s annual Naw-Ruz message. He calls on the Iranian government to bring an end to their human rights violations. Because life is not always cake and flowers.

“In recent weeks, the internet resttrictions have become so severe, that Iranians can’t communicate freely with their loved ones within Iran or beyond it’s borders. Technologies that should be use to empower citizens are being used to oppress them.”