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The Origin of Birthday Candles – A Guest Post by Leah Carri

It’s funny how we just go along with traditions isn’t it? There are so many things that we do that we’ve never really given much thought to “why?”, especially when it’s something that we’ve done all our lives. And something that everyone else we know does too. We do it because, well, because, that’s just what you do -like birthday candles. The Germans invented them – did you know that? No, me neither, I just…

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Irish Brown Bread Scone Recipe by Debbie

Yesterday evening i sat in a sitting room filled with the smell of laundry drying and brown bread scones baking. It must have been the warmest, loveliest combination of smells. Made more all the more lovely by Debbie (who made them) giving one to Mikey Fleming Likes This to take home with him on his cycle home. And all this after we had all sat out in the last of the sun and listened to…

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