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A Shift in the Arts: Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’, Calling Attention to the Self & the Whole

I went to see the Enclave because the images were seductive. I went thinking that it was a smart idea visually and that he had probably missed the sincerity of the concept behind it but I felt compelled to see it either way. On entering the RHA you’re greeted by a little sign saying you can exchange your email address for a free poster. I thought, “Cool”, took a picture and said to myself, “I…

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What’s the Situation in Burma? In Simple Language & From the Beginning.

I recently attended the Human Rights Forum in the National Baha’i Centre. The first of these forums was led by Keith Donald, chairperson of Burma Action Ireland – an entirely volunteer run organisation. You can read up on the evening and their work on soon. What I’ve written up below is the history and current situation of Burma, (also known as Myanmar or as The Republic of the Union of Myanmar) as told to us…

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