#Capesummit at the Web Summit Dublin 2013 – An Explanation and the Pictures!

Firstly, though she doesn’t feature as a solo cape character anywhere (yet), this post is dedicated to the wonderful Eilis Boyle who was the reason i got to go to the Web Summit and thus the reason you all got capes :)

On the tuesday evening before the summit, i was at home drinking soup and watching everything summity starting to kick off on Twitter. I noticed the ‘liveteam’ hashtag, which was a group selected to tweet various events and activities over the two days of the summit and what a job they did! Not only were they helpful to people attending the conference, but they shared live information, facts, ideas, experiences and statistics with everyone outside of the conference who logged on to twitter too. I thought ‘liveteam’ sounded a little like a superhero crew, so i checked if they had capes. They didn’t. But there was some definite interest in getting some, and so the madness began.

I drew capes on most liveteam members that got in touch and tried to make them at least a little relevant or personal and i drew a few of my favourite speakers too. The capes were for fun and unplanned. There was nothing i hoped to get out of it, but seeing people enjoying them was so cool. Thanks for being part of the fun and thanks for all making the Web better each and every day.

Get ready to scroll, there’s a lot of them ;)


IMG_6013IMG_6020capes-6capes-3 capes-4 capes-5IMG_6167 IMG_6166 IMG_6163 IMG_6162 IMG_6159 IMG_6153  IMG_6147  IMG_6135 IMG_6128 IMG_6120 IMG_6115 IMG_6109  IMG_6103 IMG_6095  IMG_6063  IMG_6055 IMG_6054 IMG_6045 IMG_6042 IMG_6038 IMG_6035 IMG_6032 IMG_6031 IMG_6026 IMG_6022IMG_6017capes-2capes-1

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