Arghghghrharg – Mr. Quinn – This is not ok.

I like paying taxes. I think it’s cool. It means every hour i work, something goes back into our country as a whole. Maybe a couple os less than productive rogues slip through the social welfare net and get more than they should but overall, i’m glad i pay taxes. In theory.

But i think this piece from the Irish Times is important to take note of. I’m happy to pay taxes for cool stuff like hospitals and roads and arts funding and social welfare. But this guy! THIS GUY! The cheek. The out and out cheek.

Read here –

So what do we do? Personally i’d quite like to get a say in what happens our assets that we own that he bought us with our money. Like a bold child robbing money out of his mam’s purse to buy sweets. Multiplied by €455 million. Therefore punishment also =  Naughty step multiplied by 455million.

It’s nothing to joke about but it’s a difficult situation to get my head around. As a non violent person.