Gift Ideas for Men / Boyfriends / Husbands

gift ideas for men boyfriends husbands

If you’re on a small budget, always go with thoughtful. Spending lots of money is much too easy, showing the person you know them and you care and you’ve been listening is what’s more important.

I work with, so i am biased in suggesting this, but we sell great mens boots (among other things for great men) and we can help pick you out a pair for the right reasons.

Perhaps your man loves a certain film or rock star (rock star boots) or book but he already owns the book / film / albums. Email us or contact us on the live chat option on the site and let us know what he loves and we’ll help you pick out something to suit. We know our styles and we know who else has paraded around in these boots or similar ones, so we’re happy to share our over enthusiastic learnings with you. That’s the fun bit for us. But you’re the one that has to make it extra thoughtful. I’ll see can we wangle some ‘how to make a gift thoughful’ ideas into our men’s fashion blog. I think that would be cool. 5 easy ways to make a gift special. I’ll be talking to my boss with that whopper of an idea tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me. You guys ;)

I always think of our customers as more likely than not – men. But the other day i dealt with a lovely woman from Canada who was buying a beautiful pair of dark brown Frye ‘Philip’ lace ups as a wedding day gift for her beau. One of the designers in the office very sweetly made up a special note that we got to slip in with the parcel before we shipped it off, and as someone relatively new to customer service for ecommerce, it was the loveliest feeling. We got to be part of someone’s very special day in an indirect way. And that was cool.

Secondly, i love the boots we sell. At the start i knew very little and couldn’t tell the difference between one style and another. But i’ve got to know those boots intimately over the last few months and man, have they become special. So special that i even got to write about one of the styles we sell appearing in a Wes Anderson film. He is my favourite. You can read about the boots and the film here.

Look forward to getting involved with your gift buying!


And the Team