Skinny Wolves Presents at The Joinery: John Weise, Toymonger & Ed Devane

Guest Post Courtesy of the lovely Debbie Guinnane

Debbie is a performance artist hailing from Galway but based in Dublin doing a Masters in visual arts practices, aka ‘MAVIS‘. She is great with words.

Skinny Wolves Presents at The Joinery: John Weise, Toymonger & Ed Devane – A review by Debbie Guinnane

Space enshrouded in sound becomes like a coffin, loaded in a mass of
explosive noise. An séance fixed on informal asphyxiation or
strangulation of the senses. We were a congregation devoted to Babel.
I sat down on the floor, I chose a spot on the ground beneath the
artists’ feet, and I meditated. I allowed the sound to travel; rise,
and peak then submerge beneath my mind. I hallucinated; I tackled
enormous walls of sonance.  A maelstrom.  I felt the sound build off
the bodies of the audience, and we became like machines, or victims of
a tectonic plague of noise. Baited I became like a husk, an artifice,
hallow, and leaden, a duality emerged, and the voice writhed within
it. I was only a witness of space, and bearer of the 3- dimensional.
Our bodies becoming part of the objects being played, we were involved
in the event. The spatial-audio-happening within the room became like
a construction site, a site of sound (developing).  Elements wrestled
me, my will became overwhelmed, and I felt dominated against the
barrage of discord and beneath the cacophony of influence. The grit of
the sound defined us the audience as objects, and scrap metal, we
became incidental sculptures. All colours drained, the room was drawn
from monochromatic shadows, black and white dimensions transformed,
and transfigured me.  I noticed one of the leads from a computer was
thick and red, and I envisioned arteries filled with our blood.  Our
bodies hot from the live-action, breathing in-and-out. Simple gestures
made were the negatives of our emotions, the residue of a sculpture
forming, the gathering of white dust.