Sequin Stalking & Vintage Fashion Ireland

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Facebook opened up a world of stalking possibilities since the very beginning. And let’s be honest it was fun until that night you realised it was 3am and you were looking through a whole album of photos of some girl you’ve never met before, wondering where the hell she got that amazing dress.

And how the hell you ended up on her page. Tracing your steps back home, you were sure you set out to stalk your ex. Going to sleep you swear to yourself that this is the last time. Next time you’ll dig up some ex dirt instead of stalking shiny things. Stop promising yourself such undoable things, admit you have a problem and enjoy it. There’s a place for you and it’s called Shutterbug.


Honest to goodness, genuine, lovely girl Blanaid Hennessey has an eye for amazing stuff, whether it’s interiors or clothes, accessories or just knowing what’s going to suit someone. There’s really more than can be said about her in a short Tuesday morning blog post but you can find it all out at or

But I’m officially endorsing the facebook page for some good new-fashioned window shopping and purchasing. Even if everything has already been snapped up, (which it does so quickly you’ll find yourself checking her page every ten mins when you know she’s about to put stuff up) it’s still fun to admire the great stuff she’s picked out and comment with like-minded sequin-stalkers.

Got a question? Blanaid will answer it. Looking for something in particular when she’s off on her next buying trip – she’ll take requests and do her darndest to get it. Got a compliment? She’ll like it.

And if you can make it to Kilkenny this lovely, long bank holiday weekend get yer ass to recession-style vintage fashion shopping event – the Kilo Sale presented by Shutterbug and Style at Set in Langtons.

€20 for a kilo of clothes. Like lucky bags for grown ups. Love it.

Happy shopping.


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  2. Was gonna go to bed in 15 mins.But now I’m gonna be sequin stalking on the shutterbug facebook page until 3am. …niiiice post

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