Family Gatherings – A Polite Opportunity for Chaos

eco friendly easter ideas

Extended family gatherings are different for all families I’m sure but mine are incredibly polite. This year I saw the politeness lead to a whole new level of bizarre courtesy of my genius mum. 

Mum suggested, for her own entertainment I’m sure, that we have an Easter bonnet competition. Thanks to everyone’s good manners – no one rejected this ridiculous suggestion. And thank Zombie Jesus they didn’t because it was the second most fun part of the day.

The winning moment was when someone knocked my gran aunts cake almost clear off the table. It’s sturdiness was both concerning and impressive.

We all looked ridiculous in our hats, and it was wonderful. There was no wins at all on the first prize scratch cards – the only disappointment of the day. We all had high hopes of ending up on winning streak for winning an Easter Bonnet competition  There’s always next year, though Mum was so mortified when she won that I’m not sure she’ll do it again.