John Carter Review – 11 out of 10

This film is being referred to as a flop. And it sure cost a lot of money and took a lot of time to make. The estimated budget up on IMDb is $250,000,000. It’s probably fairly selfish that i’m so glad they did all that just for me, but we all deserve a treat now and again, so thanks Disney. I appreciate it.


I’m partially writing about it because people seem to think i’m joking when i say that i loved it. Perhaps committing it to the wordpress will prove i’m serious.

The reasons i’ve listed for liking it so far have ranged from ‘It’s like watching a very old film, mixed with a Bugs Life’, to ‘I really felt like i went to the cinema’. But i find my delight about it harder to express in real sentences.

The green dudes were definitely a bit Bug’s Life or Antz. And the film is made by the same guy that made Finding Nemo and Wall-E. I don’t know if knowing this beforehand coloured by judgement, but the Pixar Disney vibe is present. Which is kind of mad and odd when mixed with the old-skool-interplanetary battles, crazy-spaceships stuff. It doesn’t really work together but it’s sort of part of what makes it so fun.

When i say it’s a bit like an old film, i don’t mean like..great legendary things. I mean over the top ridiculous ‘We’ve just discovered cinema – THIS… IS… AWESOME.’ films. The kind of film that would write the word subtle all in caps in neon pink and in bold anditalic.

There’s a martian princess who’s forever scantily clad and a manly, cheeky, outlaw-hero. There’s also lovely big desert shots. And big music. And fightin’. And ridiculous costumes and spaceships all round.

I don’t see what is not to love. If you don’t like it or haven’t considered going to see it you may be taking life too seriously. Reign your good taste in for a teeny moment and go see it while it’s still on the big, lovely, cinema screen.

happy tuesday-ing.



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  1. I agree, although I’ve only seen the trailer….but what about the cute slimy puppy dog with rows of teeth?

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